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DISH Business Introduces EVOLVE Set-Back-Box for Commercial Applications

New EVOLVE system provides guests access to their favorite streaming apps and individualized information screens.

DISH Business has announced the launch of EVOLVE M1, a Google Certified Android Set-Back-Box (SBB) purpose-built for commercial deployments. Leveraging a user-centric feature set and far more powerful hardware, the EVOLVE M1 integrates with the existing suite of DISH Business entertainment solutions.


OnStream, the live linear video delivery service developed by DISH Business, is delivered to the EVOLVE M1’s processor and AndroidTV firmware on board. The anti-microbial voice remote returns with upgraded Bluetooth functionality and an onboard microphone, enabling guests to find their content faster than ever. The EVOLVE M1 allows hoteliers to restrict the user interface and prevent guests from tampering with crucial settings, thus reducing troubleshooting from on-site staff. Guests can easily access their favorite streaming applications via the OnStream user interface, allowing hoteliers to deliver on modern demands. These, in addition to automatically clearing user credentials from third-party apps, make the EVOLVE M1 the best choice for properties and guests alike.

Versatility in EVOLVE M1 allows for deployments with a wide variety of cable plants and property infrastructures. The low-profile design conceals unsightly LEDs and the VESA-compatible mounting bracket can hide the device altogether. The EVOLVE M1 embraces a seamless, distraction-free design, both physically and on-screen.

This new offering further bolsters the DISH Business array of advanced commercial entertainment products and services. The EVOLVE M1 is optimized for use with the SMARTBOX headend distribution hardware and Content Management Portal, OnStream’s virtual customization platform, giving property owners the flexibility to update the look and feel of the guest experience on the fly. Furthermore, Property Management System integration adds the final touches, tailoring the information on screen to each guest, as well as the property.

Custom application allows hotels to make adjustments and improvements to the system through over-the-air updates, giving quick access for changes in future needs and market development.

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