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Severtson Screens Offers New Option for Ambient Light Rejection

HCNC’s vinyl surface evenly disperses light for a wide viewing angle.

Severtson Screens

Severtson Screens has announced an additional option for ambient light rejection (ALR) projection screens. According to the company, its HCNC is a high-quality, yet lower-cost screen material compared to standard ALR screens in today’s marketplace.

“Our high contrast grey projection screen material, known as HCNC, is an innovative front projection screen surface designed to increase contrast levels in medium-to-high ambient light situations and for high output projectors,” says Aaron White, home theater and pro AV sales lead at Severtson Corp. “The high contrast grey screen’s exceptional uniformity dramatically increases black levels, shadow detail, and overall color saturation. With support for 4K and better resolutions, High Contrast Grey provides the viewer with the ultimate projected image quality at a more affordable cost versus other ALR screens.”

HCNC’s vinyl surface evenly disperses light, creating the widest possible viewing angle while providing consistent brightness and contrast across the entire screen.

Additional specifications and features for HCNC include:

  • Surface: high performance PVC for uniformity of texture and gain
  • Gain: 0.8 on axis (+/- 0.2)
  • Max seamless height: 92.5in.
  • Thickness: 15mil (.381mm)
  • Perforations: Micro-Perf 0.5mm; or Non-Perforated
  • ALR: 70 percent rejection
  • Available in the following applications:
    • IF: Impressions Series (all IF standard sizes)
    • DF: Deluxe Series (Max 175in. diagonal in 16:9)
    • TF: Thin Bezel Series (Max 175in. diagonal in 16:9)
    • CF: Curved Frame Series (all CF standard sizes)
    • ST: In-Ceiling Tab Tension Series (Max 133in. diagonal in 16:9)
    • GT: On-Wall/Ceiling Tab Tension Series (Max 133in. diagonal in 16:9)

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