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Stewart Releases New VistaScope EVO

Now with a smaller 4.5-inch side border and 4-inch top and bottom borders.

Stewart Filmscreen has announced that it has released its newest member of its VistaScope screen system family: VistaScope EVO.

Now with a smaller 4.5-inch side border and 4-inch top and bottom borders, VistaScope EVO brings even more to the lineup with a significantly bigger image. VistaScope EVO delivers Stewart’s engineering and build-quality, along with a choice of reference screen materials including StudioTek 100, StudioTek 130 G4, and also FireHawk G5 — as well as a soon-to-be-announced new acoustical fabric.

Available in sizes up to 80 inches by 192 inches (208 inches diagonal), VistaScope EVO’s two-way continuously variable masking screen system ensures more on-screen content than ever before.

As with all Stewart professional projection screens, VistaScope EVO is designed for Stewart’s future-proof 16K+ resolution screen materials along with Stewart’s global reputation for handcrafted quality. Built from the ground up, each projector screen is thoroughly tested and packaged for delivery by Stewart’s team of engineers, optical scientists, and craftsmen in Torrance, CA.

VistaScope EVO is intuitively designed in three simple phases with quick assembly of the frame, straight-forward attachment of the screen, and easy snap on of the light-deadening Velux border. The removable border is designed to give instant front access to motors, controls, and the screen material. For large screens, Stewart’s lace and grommet system provides even tension all the way around the screen ensuring a smooth, flat surface every time.

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