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XGIMI Releases Mogo 2 Portable Projector Series

Includes the MoGo 2 Pro and MoGo 2 projectors and will be available beginning April 25.

XGIMI has announced the availability of its latest smart portable projector, the XGIMI MoGo 2 series consisting of the MoGo 2 Pro and MoGo 2 projectors. The MoGo series can be pre-ordered on the XGIMI website and on Amazon. The MoGo 2 Pro will retail for $599 and the MoGo 2 will retail for $399, with full availability, including at Best Buy, beginning on April 25.

XGIMI Mogo 2 Porjector Series

The new MoGo 2 series is aimed at busy urban professionals and young families, and offers significant improvements in screen brightness, screen clarity, and speaker performance, as well as the new Intelligent Screen Adaption 2.0 (in the MoGo 2 Pro), which allows for a complete hassle-free setup process for first-time projector users.

The MoGo 2 Series is equipped with XGIMI’s self-developed light engine, which uses advanced technologies, such as high-transmission coated lenses to reduce light loss in the projection light path, ultimately providing a brightness output of up to 400 ISO lumens. With a resolution of 1080p (MoGo 2 Pro) and 720p (MoGo 2), they create sharp images.

The color performance of the MoGo 2 series has been greatly improved, with a color gamut coverage of up to 90 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut standard range. That means the MoGo 2 series displays more abundant color details, ensuring that the color performance is more vivid and natural. The D65 color temperature standard newly deployed in the MoGo 2 series is widely used in Hollywood as a color temperature standard. This standard restores the color details that movies and original video content should have, allowing users to enjoy a more realistic visual experience.

The MoGo 2 series speaker specifications have been comprehensively upgraded from the previous generation, resulting in a significant improvement in sound quality. Two 8-watt speaker units provide a powerful sound output, providing a more immersive audio experience. The MoGo 2 series has double-sided sound outputs that create a wider and more even sound field, resulting in a more immersive audio experience with less high-frequency loss. The MoGo 2 series projector body is equipped with a transparent bass diaphragm window on the back, allowing users to clearly see the diaphragm structure and sound movement inside the speaker. The projector features four different sound modes: Movie, Sports, Music, and News mode.

XGIMI MoGo 2 Portable Projector - Back

As the first XGIMI projector to feature its proprietary ISA 2.0 technology, the MoGo 2 Pro can achieve uninterrupted automatic keystone correction and autofocus, providing users with a smoother and continuous viewing experience. After adjusting the projector’s position, ISA 2.0 can achieve multi-angle automatic keystone correction and focus adjustment without the user’s input, for both horizontal and vertical alignment, ensuring users see the clearest and most suitable projected image instantly. Intelligent eye protection is another important upgrade of ISA 2.0., which was designed for households with children and pets, so when they pass by or stop in front of the projector, the image automatically dims to prevent glare from entering their eyes. ISA 2.0 also includes functions previously available in ISA 1.0, such as Intelligent Screen Alignment and Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance.

The MoGo 2 series both run on Google’s latest smart TV operating system, which provides a more fluid user experience, more personalized recommendations and customization, and a higher security and privacy protection.

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