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Xgimi’s MoGo 2 Series Projectors Now Shipping

Portable projectors are now available from major retailers.

Xgimi’s MoGo 2 series is now widely available to consumers. The series consists of the MoGo 2 Pro and MoGo 2 projectors. Xgimi’s MoGo 2 is available for purchase for $399 on and Amazon and the MoGo 2 Pro is also available for purchase for $599 at local retailers including Best Buy, Home Depot, Staples, and QVC.

Xgimi MoGo 2 series of portable projectors

The new series is aimed at urban professionals and young families, and offers significant feature improvements in screen brightness, screen clarity, and sound performance. as well as the MoGo 2 Pro utilizing Xgimi’s new Intelligent Screen Adaption 2.0. The MoGo 2 Series is equipped with Xgimi’s self-developed light engine, which uses high-transmission coated lenses to reduce light loss in the projection light path, ultimately providing a brightness output of up to 400 ISO lumens. With a resolution of 1080p (MoGo 2 Pro) and 720p (MoGo 2), they create sharp images.

As the first XGIMI projector to feature ISA 2.0 technology, the MoGo 2 Pro can achieve an uninterrupted automatic keystone correction and autofocus, providing users with a smoother and more immersive viewing experience. After adjusting the projector’s position, ISA 2.0 can achieve multi-angle automatic keystone correction and focus adjustment without user’s attention, whether it’s horizontal or vertical projection, ensuring users see the clearest and most suitable projected image.

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