Wattstopper Launches Lighting Control, Automation Panel

Architectural Dimming Panel Addresses Time, Space Constraints in Lighting Projects
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Legrand has launched the Wattstopper Lighting Control and Automation Panel (LCAP), one of the latest products in its architectural dimming platform. This dimming panel solution combines the LCAP panel, which offers configurable dimming options, with an integrated circuit breaker panel, simplifying specification and installation. 

The panel supports a variety of voltages, phase types, and versions to accommodate medium and large spaces requiring control of up to 48 loads per enclosure. The panel is available in two different sizes as well as different breaker configurations with the option to contain a main breaker. The compact design makes it easy to fit into smaller electrical rooms or in areas with space constraints. The Main Lug panel comes pre-wired to the dimmer and relay modules, which reduces wiring time. 

The Wattstopper architectural dimming platform is designed to meet precise dimming and energy conservation objectives, provide enhanced end-user experiences, and simplify design for future space requirements. The platform features a range of lighting control panels, intuitive user interfaces, and the capability to integrate with the Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management system for a full-building lighting control and energy saving solution.