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Atlona Technologies’ New DVI Extenders

Atlona Technologies is releasing its newest line of DVI Extenders, the AT-DVI100SR and AT-DVI250SR at CEDIA.

The new DVI Extenders, specially designed for computer video graphics, are twisted pair transmitter and receiver modules, which feature stereo audio as well as RS-232 data signals.

The transmitter units for the Atlona extenders convert DVI along with stereo audio and RS-232 inputs to dual Cat-5/6/7. The receiver modules then convert that twisted pair signal back into the DVI with stereo audio and RS-232 data signal. The AT-DVI100SR is capable of extending signal up to 330 feet while the AT-DVI250SR extends signal up to 825 feet. In these lengths, each of the DVI extenders is still capable of maintaining high video resolutions up to 1920×1200 or 1080p, and they are entirely HDTV compatible.

Atlona’s new DVI Extender units are stocked with features including embedded equalizer, gain, and CTI adjustments, as well as built in EDID for storing necessary data. Along with being HDCP compliant, these units include with wall-mountable brackets for any custom or commercial installer.

These units will be available at the end of August with the following MSRPs:

AT-DVI100SR: $499.00

AT-DVI250SR: $649.00