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Performance Concepts’ Low-Voltage QIET Motor System

Performance Concepts will be adding the new “Hush Series” 254 Low-Voltage DC Motor to its existing line of “Hush Series” 504, 506, and 508 Line-Voltage AC motors for their proprietary QIET Motor Systems.

The low-voltage motor will allow for RF and dry contact control via any low voltage pre-wire. The new motor system will perform below 44Db and have a lifting capacity of 25 pounds as well as a 10-year limited warranty.

The “Hush Series” 254 is the first of two low-voltage motors for the QIET product line. The second offering, due out by the end of the year, will be the “Hush Series” 152 that will allow for smaller shades with narrower widths and less available installation space. The wireless RF technology for this system will utilize an XBee platform that will inevitably be the RF platform for all of the Hush Series motors in the future.

According to Performance Concepts, the new QIET Partner Program will provide those in the AV integration industry an opportunity to financially prosper by offering QIET Automated Shading Solutions to their clients without becoming a shading dealer. This particular program gives the QIET Partner the ability to discuss the benefits of QIET Automated Shading Solutions with prospective clients and offer this exclusive product line as an extension of their product mix.

The new QIET Dealer program also provides shading dealers with an opportunity to separate themselves from their competition within the marketplace. With only a limited number of QIET dealers per market, each and every one will have the benefit of standing out from the competition. The performance, pricing and exclusivity of this product line will put QIET Dealers in a class of their own.

Performance Concepts has also teamed up with ACS (Advanced Control Solutions) to provide simple and effective technology for all types of automated shading control needs. ACS offers products and technology that not only use easy and simple programming but require less of it.