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Business During the Coronavirus: How I’m Spending my Days

Tips on managing your time during the quarantine.

Coronaviurs Self-Isolating
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As many of you know, I live in New Jersey and service the greater NYC metro market. Things are pretty surreal here at this point. Streets are empty, store shelves are bare (but getting much better), everyone is wearing masks and gloves and staying far apart from each other. I’ve been doing my best to keep myself occupied and positive. I figured I would share my activities over the past couple of weeks so hopefully I can give someone else some ideas of what to do for their business.

One thing I have found critical is to keep to a schedule. I get up every morning at 7:00 AM, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, fire up the computer, and start my day as I normally would.

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Here are some of my daily activities:

Personal Contact:
I try to make a few phone calls each day. One key thing is to be genuine. I can’t tell you how much I hate the salesy emails and calls I get. So one thing I ask myself  before I make a call is, “Do I really care how this person is doing?” If the answer is yes, I pick up the phone and ask them how they are doing—physically and emotionally. How is their family? Is everyone safe and healthy? How are the kids (if they have them) handling remote learning? I do not get into business discussions. I am keeping it personal and genuine. I end up on the phone for at least two hours a day talking to my close friends Mark Feinberg of Home Theater Advisors, Chris Young of Lunar AV, Leo Simoes of Elite Smart Group, James Johnston of Crestron, and Ken Vanemon of Sapphire Marketing. These are my people and I am in touch with them regularly.

Training and Education:
I’m keeping my business skills sharp. I’m taking advantage of vendor and industry trainings.  Did you know that CEDIA has opened up their entire training and education portfolio to all members, for free? It is a great resource to pick up some new skills or polish up on old ones.

Building Racks:
We were in the middle of some jobs, so I’m taking the time to build out the racks, and program and test everything. That way when this finally ends, we are all set to go for these clients.

Marketing and Communications:
I am in the process of updating and revising my website. I want to add new sections, and change a lot of imagery and adjust layouts. What better time to get in front of a computer and dig in. Usually I do not have the time or bandwidth to get to these changes. Now time is my most abundant commodity.

Take Some Time for Myself and My Family:
With everyone home, I am spending more time with my son—working on his schoolwork with him, playing guitar for him, and teaching him a little guitar. My wife and I have lunch together every day. I’m continuing to work out, even though I can’t go to the gym. Think of any workout you might want to try and search for it on YouTube, I’m sure you’ll find dozens of videos to watch. Want to do core strengthening? It’s there. How about Yoga? Hundreds of videos. Full body conditioning with body weight-only exercises? A ridiculous number exist. Take care of yourself during these tough times. We are all stuck inside and not getting enough movement. Be sure to work exercise into your daily routine.

Let me know what else you have found to keep you busy and grow yourself, your business, and your skills.

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