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CEDIA Shares: Control4

Control4 discusses seeing more design professionals at CEDIA Expo 2019 and gives an update on Smart Home OS 3.

In our series of #CEDIAShares blogs, we’re talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they’re looking to see at CEDIA Expo 2019.


Q&A with Brad Hintze, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Control4



BRAD HINTZE: This year, Control4 is looking forward to CEDIA Expo to display and demonstrate our new Smart Home OS 3. Since the May introduction, we’ve been thrilled at the response from Control4 Dealers and homeowners so far, and CEDIA Expo is the opportunity to give attendees a hands-on experience of the new experience. In addition to new programming features for Control4 Dealers, attendees can experience key new features in OS 3 such as scene adjustment, room dashboards and custom backgrounds, favoriting, and the new Media Sessions which continue to simplify use and personalization and accelerate smart home adoption. 


We’re also looking forward to the second year of the Design+Connection experience at CEDIA Expo. We’ve continued working with designers, architects, and builders throughout the year in cooperation with our Control4 Certified Showroom program and annual C4Yourself Day, and it’s exciting to welcome this group to CEDIA so they can experience what’s new first-hand. CEDIA Expo 2019 is our stage each year for introducing new products and programs and connecting with our valued dealers. We’re expecting this year’s show to be full of buzz around everything new we, and other industry manufacturers, are delivering to the channel.


Q: What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

BH: Last year, we were proud to be one of the headlining manufacturers of the Design+Connection tour, where we welcomed builders, designers, and architects with a specialized tour of our industry. This year, we’re expecting to see more new faces at the show, in-line with the growing interest in home technology as homeowners request tech expertise from their design professionals. Design and home technology are continuously converging; Control4 is focused on helping dealers work with design professionals through our Certified Showrooms and Architect & Design Community Education Programs. 


We’re hoping designers, builders, and architects continue to accelerate their interest in this space and look to CEDIA Expo 2019 as an opportunity to experience our shared vision of creating atmospheres that are both beautiful and functional for the families who live in them. CEDIA Expo is a way to experience technology and innovation on an incredibly large scale; from design tours to panels to demos across exhibition booths, the A&D community can gain a lot of insight into what they can and should be offering to their clients. 


Q: What will you focus on at CEDIA Expo 2019?

BH: I won’t spoil the surprise of what we’ll be announcing at CEDIA Expo 2019; however, you can expect that we remain steadfast and focused on delivering Smart Home OS 3 as the foundation for the truly connected and intelligent home. Since its release, OS 3 has been received with resounding approval and excitement, as tens-of-thousands of homes and families are already living with and loving the new smart home experience. 


Control4 Smart Home OS 3
Control4 Smart Home OS 3 is designed to bring thoughtful design to raise the expectation for smart homes, with new features that give homeowners the ability to control all of their devices and personalize their system.


We’re dedicated to delivering the most choice for our dealer partners, and we will continue to arm them with the hardware, software, features, programs, and education that enables them to be successful and profitable, and allows them to provide their customers with more simplified and enjoyable lives through smart home technology.


To learn more, check out Control4 in Booth 3013 at CEDIA Expo 2019.