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CEDIA Shares: Digital Projection

Digital Projection shares details on the Satellite Modular Laser System Projector it will debut at CEDIA Expo 2019.

In our series of #CEDIAShares blogs, we’re talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they’re looking to see at CEDIA Expo 2019.


Q&A with Chuck Collins, VP of Sales, Digital Projection



CHUCK COLLINS: Digital Projection has a long history in the residential market. Back in 2001, we realized that Hollywood luminaries were purchasing our projectors for their homes. Since then, we have concentrated on providing the ultimate in high-end, high-value display products for residential market. Today our product line is much more comprehensive. It includes projectors suitable for just about every budget. And now that we also produce fine-pitch LED, our product offering is perhaps the broadest in the industry. CEDIA Expo is an important gathering for us to demonstrate our technologies to our current and future business partners.


Q: What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

CC: We have watched and participated in the move of many of our residential partners into light commercial projects. We expect that trend to grow in importance to our partners. Since our company participates heavily in both the commercial and residential markets, we feel we are uniquely qualified to be a valuable asset to those dealers and integrators that choose to work in both channels.  Many dealers in both channels take advantage of our Concierge Program in which we partner with the dealer in all stages of an opportunity including design and integration support.

Q: What will you focus on at CEDIA Expo 2019?

Digital Projection Satellite MLS Projector
The Satellite MLS projector separates the light source to a remote location for exceptional integration options and quality viewing experiences.

CC: We are extremely excited to be displaying at CEDIA Expo 2019.  We will show both a 163-inch 4K fine-pitch LED display as well as a larger 220-inch fine-pitch LED display.  We are also bringing perhaps the most exciting projector we have ever developed. We have separated the light source—in this case, direct RGB lasers with its associated power and thermal management—to a remote location. This enables us to design small, compact, and quiet projection heads that primarily incorporate precise optics and video processing.  We call our approach; the Satellite Modular Laser System (Satellite MLS). Satellite MLS offers efficient and simple building blocks that allow users to address a wide range of applications from single projector installs to complex multi-channel domes, caves, and simulators. With the Satellite MLS, one can rackmount our modular laser systems to create up to 60,000 lumens that can be displayed on any number of projector heads.  We expect our “Projector Gallery” to be a very busy place at CEDIA Expo 2019!


To learn more, check out Digital Projection in Booth 2543 at CEDIA Expo 2019.