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TiO Unveils Full Yellow Belt Training Course

The TiO Ninja Yellow Belt course is comprised of three modules.

Dealers and installers who work with TiO (Turn it On) brand automation products from Anuva Automation can go through the TiO Ninja Yellow Belt training course at the TiO Dojo, a multi-course online training system that provides dealers and installer’s education on TiO technology.

The TiO Ninja Yellow Belt course is comprised of three modules: Setting up TiO; TiO Audio Essentials; and TiO Lighting and Climate Control Essentials. The first two modules were released earlier this year, and now TiO Ninjas can complete the third module, Lighting and Climate Control Essentials. Upon completing all three modules and passing the Yellow Belt test, TiO ninjas are prepared to install and configure basic TiO systems that include music, lighting, and climate control. 

TiO Ninja Yellow Belt follows the release of the Ninja White Belt Training, “The Power of TiO,” in March 2015. The entire multi-course Ninja program begins with the White Belt training, has eight different levels of advancement, and will conclude with TiO Ninja Black Belt, which includes national recognition at an annual awards dinner hosted by Anuva Automation. The TiO Ninja Training Program was built to advance dealer education with end users in mind.

“The completion of this training course now provides all the tools an installer will need to achieve success with basic TiO systems that include lighting, music, and climate control,” said Vinu Patel, CEO of Anuva Automation. “Quality training is a critical component for dealers on the path to TiO enlightenment.”