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How to Build Credibility and Trust

Five ways to start earning your new client’s trust as quickly as possible.

We’ve all heard the saying, “People do business with those they know, like, and trust.” The knowing and liking part of this equation is pretty self-explanatory…meet tons of people, be nice, and be the type of person people want to be around. What about the trust part? When it comes to working with contractors, I think most people feel that trust must be earned. Well, I’ve got five ways to help you start earning trust as quickly as possible with potential new clients. Some of these will seem pretty obvious, but you’d be amazed at how often these tips are neglected.

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1. Testimonials
The solid recommendation of your business from past clients can be incredibly powerful. If you can get video testimonials, that’s even better!

Take some extra time to give clients some direction on how to provide a testimonial. “AV Systems did a great job” is not a good testimonial; it’s too vague. You want your testimonials to really highlight the problems you solved for the client and how they benefited from working with you. Something like this would be much better: “My family is terrified of technology, but our home theater system from AV Systems is so easy to use. We are loving movie night with the family now!”

Pro Tip: A lot of businesses request testimonials too early. Wait until the job is complete and the client has had time to use their system and benefit from the work you’ve done.

2. Online Reviews
Did you know that 92 percent of consumers now read online reviews?

Reviews on places such as Google, Facebook, and Houzz play a huge role in the decision-making process for potential clients. If you have five reviews and one of your competitors has 50, who do you think they are going to call first?

With online reviews, you can usually kill two birds with one stone and take your better online reviews and turn them into testimonials.

When it comes to reviews, you want quality and quantity. The only way to accomplish this is by having a system in place for your business to consistently request reviews from past clients.

3. Certifications and Associations
Although potential clients may not be familiar with your certifications or the associations you belong to, they are still important. Are you a CEDIA member or part of the Home Builders Association? Do you have CEDIA ESC certification?

The logos for any associations you belong to and certifications you hold should be featured in your marketing materials. Belonging to organizations and holding certifications shows a certain level of commitment that builds credibility.

4. Media Recognition & Awards
Has your business been featured in the media? Have you received the Best of Houzz award for the last three years running?

A real estate agent I know has been featured in a list of “Top Denver Agents” with a prominent local magazine for the last nine years in a row. He uses this to his advantage by promoting this in a number of his marketing materials.

You should be proud of any awards or media recognition you receive. Use them to your advantage and feature them in all your marketing channels.

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5. Do Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well
“To be successful, you don’t have to do extraordinary things. Just do ordinary things extraordinarily well.” —John Rohn

From the very first interaction you have with a potential client, you can build trust and credibility by performing seemingly ordinary actions extraordinarily well. Answer the phone if they call, respond to email messages promptly, do what you say you are going to do, and show up to meetings on time. When you do this and your competitors don’t, who do you think has the most trust and credibility?

All the little interactions you have with a potential client can build trust and credibility, or they can destroy it. Pay attention to the seemingly ordinary interactions you have with potential clients and I guarantee it will make a huge impact on the trust and credibility you have.

As you generate new leads for your business, it’s really important to build trust and credibility as quickly as you can. Each of these tips alone will make an impact on how you build trust and credibility with potential clients, but combining them together will have an exponential impact on your business.