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Storytelling: The Key to Successful Marketing

Make the benefits of your services clear by telling the right story.

Adapting and implementing storytelling in your business has a lot of benefits. Great marketers use storytelling all the time because it works. The storytelling I’m talking about is the story your business tells customers. It’s the story about your customer, their challenges, and how you can help guide them to success.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using storytelling in your marketing.

The Benefits of Storytelling in Marketing

1. Easy to Understand
Let’s face it, most of your customers have a hard time understanding all the technology behind the systems you install. They want to realize the benefits without all the hassle. Stories make difficult concepts much easier to understand. They create clarity, which is an excellent thing because when you confuse people, you lose them!

2. Memorable
Stories are memorable. When you create a story around your brand where the customer is the main character or hero, you make it easier for clients to understand how your business will help them.

There are only two things people care about: how are they going to survive (i.e., avoid pain) and how are they going to thrive (i.e., gain pleasure). With your story, you can position your company as the guide that will help your client survive and thrive, which will make your company very memorable.

3. Motivating
Stories are motivating and encourage people to take action. After you watched Rocky weren’t you pumped up?

When you create a compelling story around your brand, it encourages and drives potential customers to take action (i.e., buy from you). Your story will help convince potential clients you are the obvious choice to work with.

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4. Organization
Stories allow you to easily organize information and communicate it clearly. Think about all the different information in a typical movie. There’s a ton, but it’s easy to remember, understand, and recall because the story organizes all the information.

This goes hand in hand with making your message easy to understand. Storytelling allows you to logically guide a customer through the critical information they need to know and understand to make the decision to do business with you.

5. Build Relationships
Through proper storytelling, your business can be positioned as the guide or mentor in the customer’s story. The guide in a story has all the credibility and trust.

Luke Skywalker trusted and depended on Yoda because he was already a Jedi. He’d been in Luke’s shoes and could guide him through the process. With trust and credibility, you have the key ingredients to easily build strong relationships with your clients.

You know what they say…people do business with those they know, like, and trust.

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6. Grow Your Business
At its core, this is all we really care about, right? We want to grow our business.

Once you create the story around your brand, you’ll be able to easily create marketing materials that communicate:

  • A consistent brand message
  • The benefits you offer clients
  • The problems you solve
  • Your credibility and authority

When you can do this with all your marketing materials, you will engage potential customers and grow your business. You’ll engage prospects better than your competitors, which means you win!

Are you starting to see how your business can benefit from incorporating storytelling in your marketing strategy? I hope so!

Now that you understand the benefits of storytelling, it’s time to look at a framework that will allow you to easily accomplish this in your business.

Next time I’ll dig into an easy, simple to understand framework to help you start using storytelling in your marketing. Stay tuned…