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Becoming a Pod Pro

Seven reasons you need to start podcasting now.

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You’d have to be living under a rock not to be somewhat familiar with podcasting. Podcasts are the 21st century way of “listening to the radio,” except I can listen to episodes whenever and wherever I want. Have you ever thought of starting a podcast yourself or being a guest on someone else’s show? If not, you should, and here are a few reasons why.

  1. Podcasts are a great way to repurpose content. Many podcasters record their podcast using tools like Zoom (or something similar), so they capture audio and video content at the same time. When you capture video and audio simultaneously, it gives you the ability to leverage the content you create. Here’s an example from a podcast we just put together on the topic of social media. We created our podcast by doing a Facebook Live video first, and then the video is repurposed into audio and written content. We get a ton of mileage out of each piece of content by doing this.
  1. It’s great for networking and building referrals. I know businesses that use their podcast for interviewing people that could be ideal clients or great referral partners. They are using their podcast to build relationships with people in a fun and casual way. Inevitably, some of the people they interview end up doing business with them.
  2. It establishes an emotional connection with your audience. There are podcast hosts I feel like I know, yet I’ve never met them. I know their voice and listen to them regularly, which has helped me form a connection and familiarity with them that you can’t get from written content. The same will be true for you with your podcast. People will build a connection and familiarity with you before you ever meet them.
  3. Increase brand awareness. Podcasts, like any other form of content, will help build your brand awareness over time. Staying top of mind is the name of the game. Your podcast can help you add value to and educate potential clients while staying in front of them regularly.
  4. They are an engaging form of content. A lot of people don’t enjoy or have the time to read. Podcasts enable people to consume content whenever and wherever they want. It’s on their terms and time.
  5. You can leverage other people’s audiences. Many podcasters choose an interview-style format for their show. When you interview others as part of your show, you will naturally tap into and receive exposure to their audience because great hosts will gladly promote the show to their audience once the episode is live.
  6. They help build and establish authority. When you put out great content that is valuable and educational, you naturally build authority over time. Who knows, you might even become an influencer in your space!

You might be thinking, “I love these benefits, but I just don’t have the time.” In this case, you might want to consider being a guest on other podcasts. Better yet, do both. Host a podcast and be a guest podcaster. With guest podcasting, you’ll still experience many of the same benefits without hosting your own show.

On top of everything I’ve mentioned, podcasting is fun! You get to meet new people, have great conversations, and build new relationships. If you are interested in getting started with podcasting and need further guidance, reach out to me anytime. I’d be happy to chat with you about it.

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