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Alibaba’s YunOS Joins ZigBee Alliance

YunOS from Alibaba Group, a global e-commerce company, has joined the ZigBee Alliance at the participant level.

YunOS from Alibaba Group, a global e-commerce company, has joined the ZigBee Alliance at the participant level. YunOS is a business division of Alibaba responsible for developing the cloud-based, data and service-oriented operating system for the IoT.

Harnessing big data and cloud service to connect cloud-based applications and hardware devices, YunOS has become a critical part of Alibaba’s technology infrastructure for IoT development since its launch in 2011. YunOS currently works with various partners in the information industry, and powers a wide range of smart devices including smartphones, wearables, internet cars, robots, and smart household appliances. It aims to become the “go to” operating system for China’s smart industry.

“We are delighted to join the ZigBee Alliance and look forward to working closely with members to drive innovations and push the boundaries in the IoT area,” said Zhang Chunhui, president of YunOS. “With the support of the ZigBee Alliance, YunOS can be an enabler of break-throughs in technology that will keep raising the bar.”

Shared by more than 400 member companies and other leading industry standards bodies, the ZigBee Alliance’s mission is to create, maintain, and deliver the highest performing specifications, standards, and solutions for the wireless IoT. The widespread availability of ZigBee-certified devices gives developers and users more flexibility to choose products they know will work with each other. The Alliance simplifies IoT product development and deployment, reduces industry confusion through the availability of a consolidated set of open application device definitions, and helps members bring the benefits and capabilities of connected IoT devices to a significantly broader range of applications and markets.

“The ZigBee Alliance is committed to building strong partnerships with leading global companies, and Alibaba Group brings proven expertise in connecting with hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses,” said Tobin Richardson, president and CEO of the ZigBee Alliance. “We are the voice of organizations that are redefining the world in which we live, and we’re excited to welcome YunOS to this impressive workforce of minds who are establishing an ecosystem to simplify IoT connections.”