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Atlantic Technology Ships H-PAS PowerBar 235

Atlantic Technology is now shipping its H-PAS PowerBar 235 full-range sound bar to dealers.

Atlantic Technology is now shipping its H-PAS PowerBar 235 full-range sound bar to dealers.

This 43-inch wide sound bar is designed to deliver theater-level performance without an external subwoofer, according to the company. The PowerBar 235 can be mounted above or below a flat-screen TV either on a shelf or wall-mounting bracket.

The PowerBar 235 features Atlantic’s patented H-PAS bass system, which produces distortion-free bass without a subwoofer, reaching down to 47 Hz at theater-level SPLs. The PowerBar also boasts a sophisticated DSP with Dolby Digital and DTS that delivers 2, 3 or 5 channel experience for total listener immersion.

A further benefit of H-PAS technology is its dialog clarity. The company says this is due in part to the low bass distortion of the system’s compact drivers and the fact that the full range of sound is coming from where your brain expects it to come from—in front of the listener.

“We are very excited to be shipping the PowerBar 235 to our dealers,” said Lawrence Davis, Atlantic Technology, vice president of sales and marketing. “Most of our dealers got to hear the prototypes of the PowerBar 235 at trade shows and they were blown away by the sound. At this price point, there are so many pre-orders that we’ve already had to increase production. Honestly, the H-PAS PowerBar 235 without a subwoofer outperforms competitor’s products that cost twice as much with a subwoofer.”

H-PAS technology is the result of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Technology and Phil Clements of Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, who first recognized that there were ways to beat the old “Iron Law” of acoustics, which for over 50 years has established a fixed relationship between the cabinet size and bass response of loudspeakers. Working jointly with Clements, an engineering team at Atlantic was able to mathematically model Clements’ discoveries and make it possible to apply H-PAS design parameters to a wide range of speaker designs. The company is the exclusive licensor of H-PAS technology, and is working with several companies to utilize this system.