Bravas Group Launches New Marketing Program

Initiative Aimed at Helping Group Members Engage Luxury Clients
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Bravas Group founders Paul Starkey and Steve Firszt have launched a new marketing program aimed at finding more luxury clients for their group members. “We wanted to change the paradigm for reaching and engaging our best clients,” Starkey said. “It is a decidedly non-traditional approach.”

Starkey and Firszt tell a story of better understanding who the luxury client is: pinpointing new conversations, mapping demographics to look-a-like clients via social media, and providing easy access to learn about what’s possible. Bravas hired OneFirefly to innovate the way Bravas dealers talk and connect with their clients.

The recently launched website,, offers a design-focused look at the spaces in which high-end clients live, and the elements Bravas offers to enhance those spaces. There will be fresh “spaces” and “elements” content every month, along with topics relevant to luxury lifestyles such as philanthropy, bespoke services/products, destinations, and even a high net worth learning community. Its manned concierge allows visitors to get answers and even get assistance making appointments.

There are no products, prices, or brands on the site. Instead, the lifestyle content and photography seeks to engage new clients in conversations centered on them and the ways they live, work, and play.

The marketing program benefits from the joint contributions of the Bravas Group members. “By leveraging group resources we can accomplish much more than any one company going it alone,” Starkey said. The members enjoy this advantage in many areas including operations alignment, financial standardization, business intelligence, and more.