Dirac to Present Future of Audio Room Correction at CEDIA

First-Time Exhibitor Will Host A 90-Minute Presentation And Unveil Mobile Dirac Live
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Responding to growing demand from industry professionals and potential partners, Dirac Research, the developer of platform-optimized audio technology, will host a 90-minute presentation at CEDIA 2017 covering the latest advancements in room correction technologies and recent developments in the field.

The lecture, delivered by Dirac’s head of product management Jakob Ågren, will take place on Friday, September 8 at 9:00 a.m. in room 14B at the San Diego Convention Center. It is open to all CEDIA attendees interested in learning more about how room correction technology elevates the home theater listening experience. Dirac will be exhibiting at CEDIA booth 5708.

“Home audio technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the past few years, with home theater systems offering more channels, enhanced channel separation, and improved frequency response and reproduction,” Ågren said. “However, despite these advancements, various factors that exist beyond the confines of the home theater system — such as the room’s size, shape, and contents — continue to negatively impact the overall listening experience. Our CEDIA 2017 presentation will discuss how manufacturers and integrators alike can leverage room correction technology to control these formerly uncontrollable factors, and thus produce the audio experience intended by the manufacturer.”

Since introducing Dirac Live, Dirac Research has forged partnerships with 12 residential audio brands that are exhibiting at CEDIA 2017 — including Arcam, Audio Control, Datasat, Emotiva, StormAudio, Theta Digital, and Wisdom Audio. According to Ågren, rather than conduct individual presentations and demos with each brand along with prospective partners, the presentation will gather the brightest minds and biggest names in home audio for a collaborative discussion on how the CEDIA market can benefit from equipping their product and installations with room correction technology.

“With our latest innovations offering unrivaled performance in any acoustical environment, it’s crucial to the future of audio that the industry fully understands the technical advances and end-user benefits of the latest technologies,” Ågren said. “We’re on the cutting edge of further refining the home theater experience, and we look forward to sharing our latest innovations and product roadmap with the industry community at CEDIA 2017.” 

Those interested in attending the presentation can register for Dirac: Room Correction That Works, with course number MPTDI001 through the CEDIA 2017 registration system. The course is worth 0.75 CEU and is free to all CEDIA members and non-members. For more information on Dirac Research, visit www.dirac.com.