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Exact Power’s PowerCore Isolation Transformer System

Fairfield, NJ — Engineered to ensure the best possible environment for optimal performance of residential AV systems, Exact Power has introduced the new PowerCore Isolation Transformer System. An integral piece of the Residential Power Integrity System whole-home solution, the PowerCore is designed to provide clean, protected power to sensitive electronics throughout the home.

The PowerCore System is a shielded transformer that takes standard 240V or 208V household input power and delivers same-phase, isolated, filtered 120V branch load circuits to power home AV systems, telephone, security, and other sensitive equipment.

Featuring built-in surge/spike protection that is designed to prevent damage to connected equipment, the PowerCore system is designed for both safety and performance. It provides a new, separately derived reference ground to eliminate ground loop problems and other common causes of hum, buzz, and video roll bars, and prevent control system reboots and lockups.

PowerCore is the only isolation transformer system to integrate surge/spike protection, a single-point ground, impedance-matched filtering and all same-phase branch load circuits into a single, compact package tailored for residential use.

With up to 24 branch load circuit breakers, the PowerCore system is designed to offer enough connections for the most demanding of installations. All load circuits are same-phase, eliminating the detrimental effects of cross-phase interference. Impedance-matched filtering delivers efficient passive rejection of unwanted high frequency line noise.

The system’s fully integrated design provides a single-input connection for electricians that cuts install time versus separate components, as well as the integrated main disconnect breaker and load center breakers.

PowerCore systems are available in 7.5, 10, 15, and 25 kVA capacities, are built using heavy-duty components and construction for long life and safety, feature a 25-year warranty and are UL Listed in the USA and Canada.

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