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Inteset Offers Blu-ray

VA6420-Si Advanced Extender will provide 1080p resolution in a single-room application.

Hanover MA–Inteset is now offering Blu-ray movie playback capabilities on its Vana VA6420-Si Advanced Extender product. The extender unit will play back Blu-ray content at a full 1080p resolution over DVI and HDMI interfaces. The Blu-ray drive will also be available in Inteset’s Vana VA6420-Sx Single Room solution.

“This is exciting news for our dealers,” explained David Hirsh, Inteset’s director of business development. “We offer HD-DVD and Blu-ray playback capability on our media servers. It’s a natural progression to offer Blu-ray on our extender units now that we know the format war is over. Users can now play back virtually any content they want, in any room they want.”

In the coming months, Inteset will be releasing a new version of its Movie Collection Vista Media Center module that will incorporate the new format.

For detailed specification and dealer pricing information, visit or contact Inteset sales at 781.826.1560 ext: 203.