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Jetbuilt Adds Technical Data Fields

Technical data will further serve engineers by providing a clear view of what is needed to accommodate the system being installed.

Jetbuilt has announced the addition of technical data fields to the project builder. These fields provide important product data, including rack units, watts consumption, BTU, and dimensions of items. Utilizing technical data fields provides a clear view of information that will help ensure a project is properly designed and components, such as rack space, power, heat ventilation, and weight capacity are accounted for, resulting in a smooth installation process.

Jetbuilt Data Fields

“The introduction of technical data fields will save time, money, and aggravation as the project moves to the installation stage,” says Tom Peters, Jetbuilt director of business development. “Understanding the rack space required for a particular installation, especially for a small space like a credenza, you can make sure the proper size credenza is ordered. Additionally, you can warn the HVAC contractor that there will be 1000 BTU in a closet to ventilate, and easily view the total weight of a speaker system or video wall included in the project to check against the building structure. Basically, the technical data in the Jetbuilt builder will provide a clear view of what is needed to accommodate the system being installed.”

Technical data fields is the latest feature to support the platform’s engineering efforts and will pair well with Jetbuilt’s engineering scrub feature launched early this year, which allows companies to enforce a technical review as part of the workflow. Scrub ensures every item is approved from an engineering perspective before the project moves to the next stage. By having key technical data at the ready and auto-calculated, this process will be streamlined as well.

Jetbuilt will be exhibiting at CEDIA in booth #9017, September 29 – October 1 in Dallas, Texas.

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