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JL Audio Creates Home Division

JL Audio, previously know as a car sound manufacturer, has focused its resources on a new line of active subwoofer systems for the home.

Miramar, FL–JL Audio, the car sound manufacturer, has now focused its resources on a line of active subwoofer systems for the home environment.

JL Audio’s Gotham and Fathom subwoofers incorporate many of the company’s patented loudspeaker and amplifier technologies to address the low frequency demands of home theater program material. All models feature proprietary drivers specifically engineered for each model and built in the company’s Miramar, Florida, factory.

The flagship Gotham g213, weighing in at 305 lbs., measures 34.13- x 21.25- x 23.75-inches (HWD). This system incorporates a pair of JL Audio’s subwoofer drivers and an amplifier that can deliver 3,800 watts of short-term RMS power.