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Leviton Achieves 29% Decrease in Overall GHG Emissions from 2021 to 2023

Drop in GHG Emissions since 2021 highlighted in the company’s 2023 sustainability report reflects steady progress toward its CN2030 goal.

Leviton offices

Leviton has announced that it achieved a 29% drop in overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the 2021 baseline year, a major step towards the goal of becoming carbon neutral company-wide by the year 2030 with their CN2030 program. Through on-site renewable energy generation, accelerated energy efficiency efforts, moving to renewable and clean energy providers, and investment into certified carbon offset projects for remaining residual emissions, Leviton’s CN2030 program is taking a multi-pronged approach to tackle the climate crisis. Details on this achievement and additional company progress through fiscal year 2023 are included in the just-released second annual sustainability report. This includes Scopes 1, 2, and selected Scope 3’s in accordance with the GHG protocol, per the Paris Agreement and World Resources Institute.

“I am very proud of our company’s achievements to date through our CN2030 program,” says Daryoush Larizadeh, Leviton president and CEO. “Global greenhouse gas emissions are still on the rise, so as a leader building what’s next to light, power, and connect everyday spaces, it is incumbent upon us to take action and minimize emissions as quickly as possible.”

The CN2030 program is comprised of five action categories where Leviton can have the largest impact: carbon and energy reduction, innovation, reducing jobsite waste, maximizing recycling, and water stewardship. Some additional 2023 highlights in this year’s report include:

  • Leviton’s Network Solutions business unit achieved carbon neutrality, with a 55% reduction in GHG emissions from a 2021 baseline.
  • Its number of CN2030 program carbon-neutral manufacturing sites increased, growing from 9 in 2022 to 17 in 2023.
  • Leviton’s Lighting Controls business unit reduced its carbon emissions by 17% from the 2021 baseline year, and now has two facilities that are CN2030 program carbon neutral.
  • The Commercial & Industrial business unit reduced emissions by 8% from a 2021 baseline.
  • Two Leviton LIVE sites, where professionals can directly experience Leviton solutions in real-time and further their industry and product knowledge, are now both CN2030 program carbon neutral.

“We made significant progress last year toward our CN2030 goal, especially with our Network Solutions business unit’s carbon neutrality achievement two years ahead of schedule,” says Ross Goldman, Leviton’s chief sustainability officer and executive vice president/general manager of Leviton Network Solutions. “We have more than 20 major facilities where 62% of their energy has now transitioned to a clean source, and all four of our business units contributed significantly to our CO2e emission reductions. We are more excited than ever to keep the momentum going to further drive our progress toward a lower carbon future.”

To learn more about its strategy and impact, the Leviton 2023 Sustainability Report is available on the company’s sustainability webpage.

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