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Lutron Electronics Announces Senior Leadership Changes

Executive vice-presidents Ramin Mehrganpour and Ed Blair named co-presidents; current president Mike Pessina will maintain co-CEO role with Susan Hakkarainen.

Ramin Mehrganpour

Lutron Electronics has announced the evolution of its senior leadership team. Executive vice-presidents Ramin Mehrganpour and Ed Blair have been appointed Lutron co-presidents as part of its senior leadership team development. Current president Mike Pessina will continue as Lutron’s co-chief executive officer, leading long-term strategy development with chairwoman and co-chief executive officer Susan Hakkarainen.

“Susan and I are very proud of Ramin, Ed, and our entire leadership team” says Pessina. “They understand our customers and business, have a long-term vision for continual growth, and work together to maintain Lutron’s position as the world leader in smart lighting and shading control solutions. This team has a steadfast commitment to upholding Lutron’s world-class quality and service standards.”

Mehrganpour’s nearly 30-year professional career has taken him to every corner of the globe– and always with a focus on the customer. Throughout his 20-year Lutron career, Mehrganpour has held leadership positions in key sales and business areas. His past roles include director of international human resources, director and general manager of the Window Systems Business Unit, vice-president of global sales, vice-president and general manager of Asia, senior vice-president, with global sales responsibility, and executive vice-president.

Ed Blair

A 23-year company veteran, Blair has held leadership positions within all of Lutron’s business units. His past roles include vice-president and general manager of Lutron’s Office of Business Development, the Commercial Systems Business Unit and the Window Systems Business Unit, senior vice-president of the Residential Systems Business Unit, and executive vice-president. He was also responsible for leading Lutron’s 2018 acquisition of Ketra.

Pessina joined Lutron in 1976. He was appointed to co-CEO in 2015. “Mike’s 43-year Lutron career developed the DNA of our leadership team,” says Hakkarainen. “I have the deepest appreciation for his outstanding leadership and am looking forward to continuing working together in this next chapter as co-CEOs.”