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MetaRip Launches New Service

For a limited time, the company is offering a free video iPod with the purchase of a ReQuest iQ system and MetaRip iQ service.

Wilmington, NC–MetaRip, the CD-loading service dedicated to ReQuest, has launched MetaRip iQ media loading service optimized for Serious Play powered ReQuest servers, including the iQ intelligent multi-room system.

MetaRip iQ is bundled to include services crucial to getting the most from ReQuest. “We’ve tailored MetaRip iQ to help dealers succeed with ReQuest iQ and Serious Play powered servers,” said MetaRip president, Nick Carter. “With the advent of NetSync for iTunes, pre-loading in WAV for CD quality, then dual encoding in MP3 for iTunes integration is best, so MetaRip iQ includes these and other ReQuest friendly services.”

ReQuest iQ systems and Serious Play powered servers are capable of maintaining two copies of the music collection while providing cross functionality with iTunes. This revolutionary capability allows end-users to enjoy CD quality (WAV) throughout the home, while synching with iTunes in MP3 for the ultimate integration with iTunes and iPod for portability of music and playlists. MetaRip iQ assures instantaneous NetSync for iTunes compatibility.

“More than ever, properly encoded music with accurate metadata is crucial to the ReQuest experience,” said Peter Cholnoky, CEO of ReQuest. “Our unique dual-encoding support enables users to enjoy high fidelity music at home and easy-to-use synching with iTunes. The MetaRip iQ service gives customers plug-n-play whole home music and iPod compatibility.”

For a limited time, MetaRip is offering a free video iPod with the purchase of a ReQuest iQ system and MetaRip iQ service. Dealers simply order any ReQuest iQ intelligent multi-room system, then order MetaRip iQ loading service for 200 CDs or more. MetaRip then encodes the collection in WAV, Dual Encodes in MP3, and pre-loads the iPod with a copy of the collection.

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