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ProSource Adds Help Lightning and Modus VR as New Vendors

Virtual reality tools to help member teams collaborate and serve customers.

ProSource has enhanced its brand offering with the addition of two new vendors to its lineup: Help Lightning and Modus VR.

Help Lightning helps organizations reduce costs and increase productivity through remote video collaboration. The company’s patented technology uses mobile merged reality to create a virtual interactive presence. Merging two real-time video streams allows an expert to virtually reach out and touch what their service tech or customer is working on. This ability to be “hands-on” from a remote location accelerates and simplifies the way knowledge is exchanged and problems are solved.

“With Help Lightning, we have completely reimagined how businesses, customers, and employees are able to give and receive help using mobile merged reality video,” explains Help Lightning vice president of business development, Mike Giffin. “We’ve created an experience that is easy, fast, intuitive, and expansive and we are delighted to bring this transformative SaaS technology to the ProSource group of accomplished CI professionals.”

Modus VR offers a sales and design platform for AV professionals that allows for real-time collaboration in virtual reality between integrators and their clients. With the platform, users can go beyond explaining their ideas and technical concepts by showing them in a virtual space.

“Modus VR is excited to join the ProSource vendor family and provide a new and exciting way to sell audio and video systems,” says Patrick Higaki, Modus VR director of sales. “By showing customers technical concepts such as viewing angles, speaker placement, and acoustic anomalies, Modus VR makes the sales process fun and interactive.”

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