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ProSource Dream Theater Makeover Contest Generates New Business for Winners

East and West Coast members unveil showroom remodels with over $300,000 in ProSource vendor products.

ProSource has announced an update on the two winners of its Dream Theater showroom makeover contest. The winners, who were awarded more than $300,000 in ProSource vendor products in July 2019 to remodel their showrooms, have reported an uptick in business opportunities as a result.

Each Dream Theater has been thoroughly documented via video from installation to unveiling and the videos will be shared with attendees at the ProSource Summit 2020 in March.

Rusty Deeble, owner of Digital Installers, has installed the Dream Theater in his Long Beach, California showroom. With Digital Installers’ entire store remodel, they have now seen a surge in interest and bookings for private events and trainings with the Dream Theater being the star of the show. Deeble has also been gifting top clients and prospects free movie nights to use his theater and showroom.

“There’s a lot of interest in what we’re doing, which has creating bidding opportunities that we never had before,” remarks Deeble. “Now that we have such an amazing theater, tons of work is stemming from this addition. This theater is opening doors and closing deals!”

After six months, Ilan Weinstein, founder and CEO; Andres Klein, founder and sales manager; and Samuel Naierman, founder and engineering manager of Maxicon are ready to unveil the Dream Theater in their Aventura showroom in Miami, FL. The new showroom is packed with everything ProSource negotiated and they are expecting growth in every area of the business, especially in dedicated rooms.

“We have added new sales and operations people to our family company. The new experience center needs additional staff in order to keep up with the demand we are expecting to generate,” comments Klein. “Our customers can’t wait to experience our new theater and immerse themselves with the best Sony projector on the market and two audio experiences from JBL Synthesis and Revel. Our theater not only provides an immersive audiovisual experience, but also serves as a wellness space for meditation thanks to circadian lighting and the amazing acoustic treatments from Acoustic Innovations.”

The ProSource vendor partners contributing an array of premium brands include JBL Synthesis, Sony, Screen Innovations, Acoustic Innovations, and Salamander.

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