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Pure Wellness Joins Azione Unlimited

Goal is to educate members on providing “health intelligent living spaces.”

Azione Unlimited has partnered with Pure Wellness, who will pioneer a full-suite of education, monitoring, and preventive solutions to produce “health intelligent living spaces” for the group.

“Pure Wellness is the ideal partner as Azione Unlimited continues to shape how our members engage with client’s, especially a health-conscious and affluent aging population, concerns for genuine wellness solutions” says Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “Pure Wellness not only shares a vision to create healthier living spaces, but they approached our group knowing they needed a captive network of highly-skilled partners to implement their process correctly. Their motivation and the power of our organization makes this a perfect fit.”

At the heart of Pure Wellness is a mission to present clients with information and education based on their current living conditions. Powered by the Pure365 app, Pure Wellness accomplishes its purpose by presenting a foundational level of wellness solutions that first address the client’s clean water and air purification concerns.

“Indoor air quality is quickly becoming the most prominent epidemic worldwide. Our research shows that nearly 70 percent of people believe their house air quality has a moderate to strong impact on their health and another 65 percent are at least somewhat concerned about air quality,” says Vinny Lobdell, global president of Pure Wellness. “Our goal is to build the number one wellness platform that gives clients information on how wellness is impacting every aspect of their health. Our Pure365 app provides real-time information on how those elements are impacting your health, going a step further to provide solutions that help correct your environment.”

Pure365 works as a technology-agnostic solution to monitor, control, and purify air quality, utilizing top wellness hardware brands, medical-grade equipment, and state-of-the-art technology. These three fundamental components then communicate with the Pure365 app to cultivate “a healthy lifestyle mindset amongst our user base” and showcase solutions are actually working ” to reduce the risk of chronic health issues related to poor indoor air and water quality” notes Lobdell.

Pure Wellness’ first phase initiative of air and water purification is now available to Azione Unlimited members, offering medical-grade whole-home purification options. As the company continues to develop with Azione Unlimited, turnkey solutions for lighting, fragrance, soundscape, and sleep will become available. This roadmap reflects its philosophy to always offer best-in-class wellness solutions with the health of the people as its primary focus while building consumer education on the benefits of pure water and air.

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