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Savant and USAI Form LED Lighting Pact

As Part of This Initiative, the Two Companies Will be Providing Integrators with Online Project Design, Ordering Tools, and Other Support Services

At the Lightfair trade show in Chicago this week, Savant is announcing a partnership with USAI Lighting, a manufacturer of high-end architectural light fixtures. USAI Lighting’s LED solutions focus on achieving the perfect balance between color technology, optical design, and superior performance.

In both joint product design and market initiatives, Savant and USAI Lighting will provide integrators with what the companies refer to as “end-to-end lighting solutions” that both solve the compatibility issues that integrators face with disparate solutions along with Savant’s TrueImage user interface.

According to the arrangement, Savant dealers will be able to offer their clients a wide selection of residential-focused USAI Lighting fixtures from six product families encompassing hundreds of fixture options. Savant and USAI Lighting will be providing online project design, ordering tools, and other support services for integrators as part of this initiative.

The collaboration between Savant and USAI Lighting represents what Savant says is “a huge leap forward” in how tunable white and WRGB lighting can be configured and controlled. Savant’s TrueImage interface provided a new way to for consumers to interact with their lighting, allowing them to experience virtual lights in any room from photographs taken and stored on their mobile devices. As a result of the interface and USAI partnership, users can easily change dimming levels, kelvin temperatures, and WRGB colors from their phone, tablet, Savant touch screens and Pro Remote, as well as Savant Scene access via voice command. Savant and USAI Lighting will be utilizing Savant’s scene engine and USAI Lighting’s color research to serve up pre-defined light color and scene content that can be implemented as is or easily adjusted based on personal preference and project design.

Light regulates many biological responses, including an “internal clock” that heightens alertness during the day and makes us “sleepy” at night. The daily changes in our physical, mental, and behavioral states that respond to a light-and-dark cycle are commonly known as our circadian rhythm. Mimicking this natural rhythm indoors optimizes circadian health and overall wellness by delivering the proper color and intensity of light to align correctly with time of day.

USAI Lighting’s tunable white light and WRGB technologies, combined with Savant’s intelligent automation will allow lights to not only be set to certain levels and color temperatures based on executed scenes, but also allow for a single room or even the whole home to be put into a default circadian rhythm mode mitigating circadian disruption and promoting wellness.

“Our partnership with USAI Lighting represents another vital piece of Savant’s forward-thinking strategy that includes lighting, climate, energy management, entertainment and a broad range of smart home functionality,” stated Savant CEO Robert Madonna. “Savant enables these advanced technologies to work effortlessly together, providing enhanced lifestyle, environmental responsibility and wellness for the luxury home.”

“The combination of Savant and USA Lighting’s advanced controls and lighting technology provides an intuitive way for homeowners to experience the power of personalized lighting—light that is as dynamic and ever-changing as we are,” said Bonnie Littman, president and CEO of USAI Lighting. “For the first time ever, homeowners can curate their lighting for any activity, whether it’s for better living, working or playing, and we are thrilled to partner with Savant, bringing this experience to the market in a high-quality and meaningful way.”