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Shipping Update: Sunfire’s HRS Satellite Speakers

High resolution series satellite speakers complement the company's subwoofers.


Lexington, KY–Sunfire Corp.’s new HRS Satellite speakers are now shipping to complement its popular HRS subwoofer line. When paired with the company’s HRS subwoofers, the result is the most powerful and most musical systems at this compact a size and price.

Building on Sunfire’s expertise in producing big sound from small places, the HRS SAT-4 ($450 MSRP ea) and HRS-SAT4C Center ($550 MSRP ea) feature the company’s core technologies such as High Back-emf and long-throw woofers and handle up to 200 watts per channel. The new HRS speakers and subwoofers are in stock now for immediate delivery in gloss black. A natural cherry finish will also be available in November for the Sats ($550) and HRS-8 ($650) subwoofer.

Sunfire’s general manager Mark Weisenberg explained, “Sunfire is known for its ability to project big sound from small places and we proudly continue in that tradition with our new cherry HRS Satellite Speaker System. We believe we have achieved the kind of bookshelf speaker that everyone else has been trying to build and when combined with an HRS sub, this system is in a class all by itself.”

Each HRS cabinet boasts contemporary curved styling, wrapped in a hand-polished cherry or gloss black finish. Each cabinet is sealed, resulting in ultra-tight bass and high output, ideal for both music and movie soundtracks.

A cast aluminum front baffle is clamped to the cabinet from the rear rather than glued onto the front baffle. This produces a stiffer, more inert enclosure for resistance to vibration, resulting in tighter, cleaner bass with minimal distortion. A cloth grille rounds out the system and attaches via magnets that are installed to the rear of the aluminum baffle.

The HRS satellite and center models may be used on a shelf or mounted to a wall via built-in keyhole openings on the rear. For floor standing applications, specially designed stands are available as an option for the HRS Sat. These bespoke stands feature the same craftsmanship, with a piano-gloss finish and extruded aluminum column that follows the speaker’s form for an integrated look. For additional ease of installation, a dedicated wire channel allows the stands to conceal cabling for a clean finish.

Based on Sunfire’s renowned subwoofer expertise, the 4.5-inch High Back-emf woofer utilizes a Trifilar voice coil design that incorporates triple dual voice coils rolled into one. Lighter in weight, this unique design delivers up to an 80-percent increase in output when compared with conventional voice coils.

The woofer’s cone is made of the same Kevlar typically found in exotic applications such as body armor and racing sails.This woven fabric is five times stronger than steel, yet is very light and stiff – perfect properties for cone material that result in very tight bass and fast response.

A cast aluminum basket serves as a solid foundation for the 1-inch maximum woofer excursion–that’s up to four times greater excursion than conventional woofers its size. The entire woofer is magnetically shielded to reduce interference with CRT-based displays. The cone is a specially formulated paper composite.

The HRS-SAT4C center channel boasts an additional 4.5-inch woofer in a D’Appolito configuration for added dynamics, and improved localization and intelligibility of dialog. Also, exclusive to the center channel is an integrated “kick-stand” for custom tilting to get the perfect angle for on-TV or under-TV applications.

Both HRS speaker models utilize a high performance 1-inch ring-radiating, silk-dome tweeter with extended high frequency response and smooth off-axis dispersion. This tweeter is similar to those found in expensive audiophile speakers costing many times its price. Its “vented chamber” and integrated heat sink provide enormous power handling without distortion.