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Sonance Acquires Sound Advance Systems

Sonance has purchased Sound Advance Systems trademarks and the exclusive rights to manufacture flat-panel loudspeakers based on Sound Advance Systems' patents.

San Clemente, CA–To strengthen its position in the market and expand its dealer base across residential and commercial lines, Sonance has purchased Sound Advance Systems. The deal, announced this week, gives Sonance immediate control of all Sound Advance trademarks, as well as the exclusive rights to manufacture flat-panel loudspeakers based on Sound Advance Systems’ patents.

Sound Advance is comprised of both commercial (30 percent) and residential (70 percent) business, with products sold in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Sonance executives believe this acquisition will fortify their position in the global market and create new opportunities for their dealers.

“Many of our current dealers do ‘light commercial,’ and we see a huge opportunity in combining their technology and our technology, resulting in an increase in the commercial side,” stated Sonances vice-president of marketing, Mitch Witten. “We will fold everything eventually [into our operations]. Sound Advance has a place out there already, so there will be no changes to their products or logo.”

Sound Advances flat-panel speakers have been well received by the CEDIA channel, winning several Electronic Lifestyle awards in recent years. Its enterprise audio products are also in demand, and are featured in high-profile boutiques including Dolce and Gabana, Luis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel stores. Witten is inviting all Sound Advance dealers to stay loyal to Sound Advance products, and continue to cultivate new business under the Sonance umbrella.

Sound Advances vice president of engineering, Alejandro Bertagni, whose father invented much of Sound Advances original technology, said, “We are proud to have Sonance take Sound Advance products and technologies to the next level by making these products available through their extraordinary network of high end custom installation dealers.”

“Weve been interested in Sound Advance for years,” explained Sonance co-founder and president, Scott Struthers, “and they saw a big potential in partnering with us. Sound Advance products allow for truly ‘invisible’ speaker installations highly desired by leading architects and interior designers.”

According to Witten, Sonance is educating dealers and the public about the acquisition, but CEDIA 2005 will mark the official “coming out party.”