VITAL Management Challenges CI Industry, Pledges Charity Donations

Challenge is to Help the Top 1000 Companies in 2016 while Serving Habitat for Humanity
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The founders of VITAL Management have issued an industry challenge: improve your bottom line with VITAL Management and they will contribute to Habitat for Humanity.

“Close to 100 percent of the engagements we’ve had reveal significant profit dollars being left behind,” said VITAL Management co-founder Steve Firszt. “Whether caused by improper counting practices, lack of profit planning, poor labor productivity, inefficient process – it’s always more than just one thing – corrective actions can bring new profit to these companies.”

Their challenge is to help these Top 1000 companies get it right in 2016, and serve a good cause at the same time. All $250 set-up fees will go directly to Habitat for Humanity along with 10 percent of the fees collected for the Get It Right program. 

VITAL is also asking manufacturers to co-sponsor the program because more profitable dealers would make CI a better industry for everyone. The goal of the Challenge is to generate $100,000 immediately for Habitat, and another $100,000 for Habitat in 2016. 

Co-founder Paul Starkey added, “We now have three options for helping companies achieve better profits: a benchmarking level, a financial management level, and a financial/sales process level.” The respective monthly fees for each level are $250, $1,000, and $2,000. “Companies can choose which plan and how far they want to take the improvement process.”

Interested dealers must complete a registration form, located here, to be included on the donor list.