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WAVE Expands Into Eight Markets

Expansion enabled by conversion of AVAD branches to WAVE.

Following its sale to Kingswood Capital Management, LLC in October 2018, WAVE Electronics, Inc., the Houston, TX-based distributor of audio, video, security, and home automation products to the residential and commercial custom installation markets, has announced that it is expanding into eight additional branch locations in key markets around the United States, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and San Jose.  WAVE’s expansion will be effectuated through the conversion of branches formerly branded under the AVAD, LLC banner.

“We have spent the last year successfully completing the integration of our teams, IT systems, back-of-house operations, and product portfolios,” says chief executive officer, Mark Fukuda. “WAVE’s expansion into eight of AVAD’s legacy markets represents the last major step in the merger of our two companies. As part of this final step we will be integrating WAVE’s award-winning dealer services, programming services, marketing services, and dealer rebate programs across all our branches in the United States. The completion of the integration will enable us to provide our full assortment of products and differentiated value-add services consistently across our entire dealer network.”

In conjunction with WAVE’s expansion, six legacy AVAD branded locations will be exited in Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington DC. “Unfortunately, some of the legacy AVAD branches that we inherited do not have the right size footprint to offer the level of just-in-time local inventory and services that we believe are necessary to serve our dealers the right way,” says Fukuda. “As a result, we will exit those sub-scale locations and reinvest the related capital in the rest of our branches, and to support our rapidly growing verticals.”

The Company’s two Canadian branches will continue to operate under the AVAD banner given their long history in those markets.

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