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Atlantic Technology Launches Step-Up In-Ceiling Speaker Line

AZURE offers ultra-competitive margins and new limited lifetime warranty. 

The latest in its ongoing expansion across many in-home audio categories these past 24 months, Atlantic Technology increases its offerings in the in-ceiling category with the launch of AZURE. A step-up from its IC Series, AZURE is comprised of three 6.5- and two 8-inch 2-way loudspeakers that incorporate the latest in acoustic designs and drivers. The speakers are timbre-matched to Atlantic Technology’s range of in-room and in-wall speakers. The company has also implemented a major increase in its dealer margin in its IC Series and across the AZURE series and has upped its in-ceiling speaker warranty for both the IC and AZURE Series from 5-years to Limited Lifetime. With the launch of the five AZURE speakers atop the eight IC Series, the company now offers 13 premium architectural solutions in total.

Atlantic Technology AZURE - Front

AZURE’s woofers utilize Atlantic Technology’s new lightweight low resonance formed fiberglass cones — the same material as found in its flagship 8600 and AT-3 H-PAS towers. The fiberglass provides superior uniformity, stiffness, and speed with the cones designed in a new curved shape to reduce distortion from break-up, resulting in improved midrange clarity, according to the company. The woofers use high-temperature voice coils with a massive magnet structure and a vented pole piece along with butyl rubber surrounds to ensure audiophile performance. The woofer is contained in a new non-resonant enclosure design with a horn-shaped profile for wide uniform mid-range dispersion.

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High frequencies are handled by the company’s advanced proprietary, coated silk dome Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT), same as featured in many of Atlantic Technology’s in-room and in-wall speakers. These wide dispersion tweeters utilize Ferrofluid cooling and super-efficient Neodymium magnets and have a lower crossover point than that of typical in-ceiling speakers with a computer-optimized 2nd order network composed of precision audiophile-grade components and a resettable polyswitch protection circuit. The tweeters are mounted on a new bridge designed to reduce interaction with the woofer and 30-degree orbital pivoting allows installers to optimize sound to the listening area.

Atlantic Technology - AZURE side

AZURE AZ600 6.5-inch: Step-up from entry-level IC Series IC-6.1 S includes new acoustically optimized horn, fiberglass woofers, more advanced crossover components and speaker terminals, and greater power handling. MSRP per speaker is $300.

AZURE AZ610 6.5-inch and AZ810 8-inch: Step-ups to IC-6.2 and IC-8.2. Designed for more demanding sonic performance with step-up features as cited above plus front-mounted tweeter level controls to further optimize the speaker to surroundings. MSRP per speaker is $350 for the AZ610 and $550 for the AZ810.

AZURE AZ620 6.5-inch and AZ820 8-inch: Step-ups to IC-6.3 and IC-8.3. In addition to step-up features cited above, these are Tri-mode dual-voice coil/dual tweeter ultra-thin bezel speakers and can be configured for conventional mono use, single-point stereo, or dipole surround. MSRP per speaker is $400 for the AZ620  and $650 for the AZ820.

Installer-friendly features include ultra-thin bezel paintable magnetic grilles, secure quick-clamp mounting, and heavy-duty gold-plated push-on terminals. Optional square thin bezel grilles, back boxes, and pre-construction brackets are available. Both series of in-ceiling speakers integrate with the brand’s in-wall subwoofers.

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