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ELAC Releases Uni-Fi 2.0 Line of Home Speakers

The entire lineup has been completely redesigned.

ELAC has announced the Uni-Fi 2.0 line of home speakers. This new line builds upon the success of the first-generation Uni-Fi Family and incorporates a variety of new features and technologies.

“Based on feedback from dealers and end-users, along with changes in the market, we have completely redesigned the entire lineup,” says Andrew Jones, vice president engineering, ELAC. “Newly developed drivers, waveguides, cabinets, and networks result in a line that is easier to setup, offers greater compatibility, and delivers significant performance improvements.”

Some of the notable new features of the Uni-Fi 2.0 line-up include:

  • Newly Developed 4-Inch Concentric Driver: A new wide-surround tweeter enhances its low and high frequency extension, allowing for improved blending with the mid-range driver. An entirely new mid-range design features a larger diameter voice coil, new aluminum cone profile, new low-profile surround, and an all-new neodymium magnet assembly.
  • Single-Piece Woofer: A newly developed single piece aluminum dished cone results in improved stiffness. Combined with an oversized magnet, large diameter voice coil, and extended pole piece, these changes result in improved accuracy and bass dynamics.
  • Sophisticated 3-way Crossover: An enhanced design improves response linearity, improves driver integration, and delivers a true 6-ohm nominal impedance for compatibility with virtually all AV receivers.
  • Robust Cabinets: Every Uni-Fi 2.0 enclosure is engineered with thick MDF outer walls and a black ash vinyl finish. Specially located internal bracing adds stiffness and strength to the cabinet’s outer walls, reducing the cabinet vibration that causes unwanted coloration.
  • Front-Firing Ports: Relocating the vents to the front on the bookshelf and center speakers allows for greater freedom of placement, even in restricted places like a cabinet or up close to a wall.

All three new models are available now at ELAC retailers nationwide.

Model Number Description MAP Price
UB52-BK Uni-Fi 2.0 5 ¼” 3-Way Concentric Bookshelf Speakers $599.98 Pair
UC52-BK Uni-Fi 2.0 5 ¼” 3-Way Concentric Center Speaker $399.98 Each
UF52-BK Uni-Fi 2.0 5 ¼” 3-Way Concentric Floor Standing Speaker $599.98 Each

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