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Rako Releases Lighting Driver for ELAN

Provides two-way control and feedback over connected devices.

Rako smart lighting controls provide digital dimming technology. The Rako driver for ELAN provides two-way control and feedback over devices connected via the RK-Hub or the WK-Hub.

Features include

  • Automatic discovery of Rako Hubs
  • DHCP support — If the IP address changes, the driver will automatically discover the new IP address
  • Automatic import of:
    • Keypads — These are imported based on the room type along with feedback on how many scenes are available per room, as well as off, fade up, and fade down buttons
    • Dimmable channels
    • Switch channels
    • RGB lighting
    • Color temperature lighting
  • Control and feedback for
    • Scenes (which is useful for event maps so Rako keypads can execute ELAN programming)
    • Channels
    • RGB lighting
    • Color temperature lighting

This driver is sponsored by Rako and is provided free of charge.

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