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Schneider Electric Adds Smart Panel Functionality to New and Existing Electrical Systems 

Modular solution allows homeowners to add cutting-edge functionality to meet their specific needs, without incurring significant costs.

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Schneider Electric has announced the launch of a new modular, flexible solution to add smart panel functionality to standard home electrical systems. This solution, including new Square D Control Relays and the Schneider Energy Monitor, offer homeowners nationwide app-based control.

Installing this solution will provide millions of homeowners with smart panel benefits, including circuit-level-control to save energy and enhance safety, and system-wide energy monitoring. Whether updating their existing Square D QO Plug-on Neutral electrical panel or installing a new panel, this will allow homeowners to inexpensively add smart functionality only where it’s needed to better manage their energy use and reduce their utility bills.

“We are facing new and increasing challenges in powering our homes with resiliency issues from the electrical grid and the rising cost of utility power,” says Pape Ndaw, senior vice president, home & distribution hub-North America, Schneider Electric. “We are excited to bring to market an easy-to-install solution that empowers homeowners nationwide to address these issues. Unlike some smart panels, this allows homeowners to control only the loads they need to control with the app, making this a cost-effective solution for app-based monitoring and control of home energy usage.”

\Schneider Electric is an industry leader in powering smart, sustainable homes and a pioneer in home energy management with solutions for homeowners at any stage in their sustainability journey. In 2021, the Square D Energy Center was launched for new homes in California, enabling the convergence of residential distributed energy resources, including utility power, solar power, energy storage, and generators. In January, the company introduced Schneider Home, a complete energy management solution, including a home battery for clean energy storage, a high-power solar inverter, a smart electrical panel, an electric vehicle charger, and connected electric sockets and light switches — all controlled by the Schneider Home app. This launch of the Square D Control Relays and Schneider Energy Monitor follows those innovations offering homeowners across the nation an affordable and easy way to control energy usage and live more sustainably.

Available at electrical distributors nationwide, these solutions can be installed by a licensed electrician. The Square D Control Relays are designed to snap directly onto the Square D QO Plug-on Neutral breakers, while the Schneider Energy Monitor can be added directly into the panel at the same time. Commissioning for both devices can be done through the app, allowing the homeowner to now monitor and control their energy use conveniently from their mobile device.

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