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BeON Home Adds Home Security Enhancements

BeON Home is introducing new features to enhance the home protection features of its system.

BeOn bulbs and app

BeON Home is introducing new features to enhance the home protection features of its system. BeON’s LED security bulbs are now UL approved for outdoor usage as well as for use in fully-enclosed fixtures. In addition, BeON customers can soon add more activity to their lighting replay schedule via an update to the BeON mobile app.

BeON customers already use safety lighting for emergency lighting during events like power outages and for smoke alarms as well as preventative home security that makes their home look occupied while they’re out for the night or on vacation. Now the company has released new features to increase security and home safety. BeON bulbs are now UL-approved for use in outdoor lights such as a porch light, lamp-post or garage fixture as well as fully-enclosed lighting fixtures. This is a rare feature as most LED and smart bulbs are limited to indoor use with unenclosed fixtures.

Outdoor motion-activated bulbs aren’t convincing to intruders and are often falsely activated by animals or wind. BeON’s new UL rating extends BeON’s preventative layer of security to outside the home.

Since intruders prefer unoccupied homes, the BeON smart modules automatically learn a family’s everyday lighting patterns and then replay them while they are away to make the home appear occupied. If a would-be intruder checks to see if anyone is home by ringing the doorbell, the BeON smart modules register the doorbell and turn lights on sequentially as if an occupant were awakening and moving throughout the house. Now, when a burglar rings the doorbell, a BeON bulb can turn on in the bedroom, followed by an outdoor light for a believable ruse. 

In May, BeON customers will also be able to add activity to their lighting replay schedule with a forthcoming app update. BeON has designed a new feature that allows users to add lighting sequences to the everyday lighting replay program. This adds more variety to the lighting activity, allowing the bulbs to play different sequences of on and off to further deter burglars who may be canvassing a home looking for repetition as a sign of lighting automation (a common limitation of basic timers).

“Security is in our DNA and we are focused on making the BeON System the gold standard for security lighting,” said Alexei Erchak, CEO of BeON Home. “With this in mind, we have secured UL approval to enable new outdoor use cases and we’re adding a security customization feature that lets our customers schedule convincing lighting activity to even further simulate occupancy.”

The BeON Home Protection System is now available at BeON’s website and on Amazon for about $200 and through select security dealers. The BeON system comes with three smart modules and three LED light bulbs as well as the free mobile app. Additional BeON bulbs and modules are available for $75.00 each. 

The BeON Bulbs have been approved for use in UL1598 wet location outdoor fixtures as well as the UL1993 and CSA C22.2#1993 standard for use in enclosed fixtures. Android and iOS users will be able to update the BeON Mobile App from the app store to access the recently released features in May 2016.