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Legrand | AV Introduces New On-Q In-Wall Power and Cable Management Kits

Hidden in-wall solutions add USB connectivity and surge protection.

Legrand | AV – OnQ – USB
On-Q CPU306W-V1

Legrand | AV has announced new models for its On-Q In-Wall Power and Cable Management Kits. Now homeowners can not only safely extend power to wall-mounted displays and accompanying devices while concealing power and AV cables inside the wall, but also have the convenience of USB power ports or surge protection in the same outlet.

Each in-wall kit includes a power input module with drywall bracket and a prewired, 6-foot, UL-rated power cable. Offered in white to blend in with a home’s décor, the module’s decorator power inlet strap provides the flexibility of ganging other connections. The duplex outlet features a recessed design to accommodate almost any type of power plug, including right angles and wall warts, while a brush strap opening allows for the connection of AV cables.

Legrand } AV – On-Q – Surge
On-Q CPS306W-V1

The new kits include: the CPU306W-V1 In-Wall Power and Cable Management Kit with two USB ports for connecting and powering streaming media devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku Streaming Stick, as well as display back lighting and other USB-enabled home entertainment products; and the CPS306W-V1 In-Wall Power and Cable Management Kit with Surge Protection that are universally compatible with any TV.

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