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Nice/Nortek Control Launches Panamax Power Conditioner and Sequencer

New Panamax C3-IP reduces service calls by allowing integrators to remotely monitor and manage connected devices.

Nice/Nortek Control has released the Panamax C3-IP, a 12-amp, BlueBOLT-enabled compact power conditioner and power sequencer that provides individual control for three separate outlets. With remote power management via the BlueBOLT cloud platform, installers can monitor, control, and program from anywhere. Fifty percent smaller than its predecessor, the Panamax C3-IP has a slim design that fits the needs of virtually any discreet installation. It is designed for installations such as behind a flat screen, in a structured wiring enclosure, or mounted to the back of a rack. Automatic over/under voltage protection through Panamax technology ensures fewer service calls and maximum longevity of connected equipment.

Nice/Nortek Panamax C3 Power Conditioner

When integrated with ELAN Control Systems, the Panamax C3-IP provides personalized, feature-rich control through intuitive functionality and customization. Integration with ELAN Control Systems provides users with seamless control from a smartphone or the ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel. Installers who choose Panamax products also benefit from the recently launched software upgrade, 8.7 for ELAN Control Systems, which provides end users with the ability to manage their own power usage via their ELAN system, further reducing service calls.

Programmable from anywhere in the world via BlueBOLT IP Power Management, the Panamax C3-IP features an intuitive UI backed by a new IP infrastructure for maximum reliability. With the addition of sequencing and IP monitor and control, end users can reboot their network devices and control and security systems once the installer has configured the unit. Installers can schedule power cycling of three individually controlled outlets. The system automatically reboots network equipment when connectivity is lost and provides the ability to monitor energy use, set alerts, and program scheduled commands.

The Panamax C3-IP can protect connected equipment as well as the power conditioner itself from power surges, micro surges, and dangerous voltage conditions to lengthen the life of electronics and stabilize power levels. It offers individual outlet control on all IP power management products and flexibility so installers can program the three outlets based on their applications, ensuring network handshakes during rebooting and proper AV power sequencing. Thoughtful design means the outlets are arranged to enable access to adjacent plugs. They are widely spaced for even large transformers.

For installations where the C3-IP device is not connected to the internet, it can be configured and controlled locally using the embedded webpage. The C3-IP can also be controlled and programed securely on the local network (LAN) via ELAN or other third-party control systems.

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