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Panamax Introduces Power Conditioner with Space-Saving Design

Thin form factor allows for variety in placement; Includes BlueBOLT remote monitoring.

Nortek Security & Control LLC (NSC) has announced the Panamax VT1512-IP advanced power conditioner, a BlueBOLT-enabled, ultra-slim form factor vertical rack power conditioner and power sequencer. Measuring a svelte 1.7 x 1.75 x 37 inches, the VT1512-IP is a full-featured power conditioner that provides protection and filtration for maximum longevity and performance of connected equipment.

The Panamax VT1512-IP is BlueBOLT enabled, which allows remote reboot of 12 individually controlled outlets, and the ability to monitor energy use, set alerts, and program scheduled commands. Additionally, the Panamax VT1512-IP has an embedded web graphical user interface and an integration API available for local IP control.

The Panamax VT1512-IP Advanced Power Conditioner is priced at $549.95 and is available now.

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