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Crestron Releases PROCISE 7.3 Surround Processor

After creating a buzz with attendees at last year's CEDIA EXPO, Crestron says that its PROCISE high-definition 7.3 surround sound audio processor is now ready for action.   Crestron's PROCISE AV Processor (front) paired with the company's PROAMP. Crestron

After creating a buzz with attendees at last year’s CEDIA EXPO, Crestron says that its PROCISE high-definition 7.3 surround sound audio processor is now ready for action.

Crestron’s PROCISE AV Processor (front) paired with the company’s PROAMP.

Crestron designed its processor with home theaters or boardrooms, in mind, offering a front panel that features vintage-looking digital VU meters and spectrum analysis that graphically display audio and diagnostics. The built-in three-channel line mixer and distribution amplifier in the PSPHD enable the combination of multi-channel HD audio and video teleconferencing, according to the company.

Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 support the latest lossless audio formats to deliver the full experience of Blu-ray Disc and other high-definition media.

PROCISE also features three independent subwoofer outputs and automatic room calibration.

An integrated HDMI switcher with HDCP support ensures compatibility with DRM protected content and equipment, Crestron says, and intelligent pairing enables communication between the PSPHD and the PROAMP-7X400 or PROAMP-7X250 7-channel amplifiers.

“PROCISE can adjust the settings for each speaker to perfection. You hear clear and balanced sound in every seat. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an acoustically treated room or not,” said Crestron director of marketing Vincent Bruno.

The companion PROAMP amplifiers are precision-matched to the PSPHD in form and performance. Using an ethernet connection, the PSPHD processor and PROAMP amplifier automatically pair, enabling seamless control and monitoring of the amplifier through the PSPHD front panel.

The PROAMP 7X400 model delivers 400 watts at 8 ohms on all seven channels. The three-channel line input mixer in the PSPHD supports direct interface with mic mixers, teleconferencing codecs, and paging systems for commercial applications.

“Imagine being able to take a surround sound presentation, add the microphone and channel it back through the surrounds,” Bruno said. “It’s so much easier and more affordable than setting up a separate PA system.”

Balanced and unbalanced outputs feed additional listening zones or recording equipment, and balanced connectivity supports the use of long cables. Mono and stereo outputs independently deliver an unprocessed mix of the entire surround sound signal. Professional AES/EBU digital audio inputs enable connectivity to studio and broadcast equipment. PROCISE XLR Balanced Audio Interconnect Cables are meant to ensure high-end, studio-grade performance and reliability.

Setup, control, and monitoring are accessed via the front panel or Crestron PROCISE Tools software. Front panel controls can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.