Grimani Systems Ships CinemaOne Ensemble, Omega Ceiling Speaker

Omega Two-Way Angled Ceiling Speaker Complements CEDIA-Award Winning CinemaOne Theater Array
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Grimani Systems CinemaOne Ensemble (L to R): Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omega loudspeakers.

Grimani Systems’ CinemaOne audio ensemble, which won a Best New Product award at CEDIA 2016, is now shipping, as is the company’s newest addition, the Omega ceiling speaker.

The CinemaOne Audio Ensemble is the brainchild of Anthony Grimani and Manny LaCarrubba. It delivers exceptional sound quality and coverage thanks to LaCarrubba’s breakthrough development of the Conic Section Array (CSA) waveguide, which is designed to ensure that everyone in the room experiences the same sound, and delivers very high power and musicality in one integrated enclosure.

“I’ve been in the audio industry for over 30 years and have worked on literally hundreds of products,” Grimani said. “But it’s Manny’s compelling new technology that motivated the creation of Grimani Systems and the CinemaOne ensemble. I am thrilled to deliver these revolutionary products thanks to the powerful platform of CSA.” 

For integrators, CinemaOne is a turnkey IoT solution designed to reduce installation time by as much as 70 percent. Simple and elegant in design, it blends seamlessly with private screening room architecture. Following installation, Grimani Systems’ experts will configure and calibrate onsite. 

CinemaOne consists of three Alpha front speakers, six Beta surround speakers, four Delta subwoofers, and a DAI1 digital audio injector. Also included are an engineered room plan, a suite of acoustical tuning modules, and a calibration service. An upgrade for Dolby Atmos is also available now, consisting of four added Omega ceiling-mounted top speakers, and two added Beta wall speakers for the wide channels.

Omega, which just began shipping, is a powered, two-way concentric speaker with angled baffle and DSP tuning for precise aiming of sound dispersion to the audience area of a home cinema. Its superb sound quality, wide dynamic range, and consistent directivity make it well suited for Atmos top-channel applications, as well as any home cinema requiring high-performance ceiling-mounted speakers.

“After surveying the full gamut of available ceiling speakers, it became obvious that we needed a better match for the products in our CinemaOne and CinemaTwo home cinema lines,” Grimani said. “We created the Omega speaker to complement our high dynamics ensembles, and fit the tight spaces available in ceilings.”

“By using the same high-frequency driver technology, and the same overall system architecture as in the rest of our products, the Omega has outstanding sonic performance,” LaCarrubba said. “Four of these units will easily light up the top quadrant of rooms with immersive audio, without excessive bulk or complex mechanical integration.”