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Home8care Offers Basic Smart Security Packages for Elders

Home8care has developed a line of video-verified collaborative alarm systems for the home-care and independent living market.

Capitalizing on the aging-in-place trend—as well as recognizing the senior care market demands for simple, affordable, and reliable in-home and outdoor protections to enhance elders’ safety, quality of life, and independence—Home8care has developed a line of video-verified collaborative alarm systems for the home-care and independent living market. 

These systems are based on an affordable mobile-cloud IoT platform, rather than the more costly phone-operator calling service. The collaborative nature of the platform helps ensure that all parties involved in an emergency—seniors, caregivers, emergency contacts, and medical personnel, with supervisory video access and privacy control—are immediately notified in an event for prompt attention and prioritized response.

There are four packages: Medical & Panic Alert, Fall & Panic Alert, Activity Tracking, and Medication Adherence Video-Alarm System. There are four more smart IoT devices, including in-activity, cabinet sensor, a geo-fence stopper, and an app-based, 28-slot medication dispenser. Home8care service subscribers also receive a bonus outdoor-alarm protection service using a smartphone as a smart-device for outdoor fall, medical alert, and GPS location detection service.

The systems are all plug-n-play and expandable; adding on new devices takes just minutes, according to the company. Two-way audio provides an additional tool for enhanced adherence to health programs. 

All of the connected health and care systems have an MSRP of $69, except the Fall & Medical Alert System, which is $99. Each package contains a Security Hub, an application-specific sensor, and collaborative protection alert service starting at $9.99 per month. Each additional IP camera or sensor service carries an extra charge of $4.99 per month.

“Leveraging MivaTek’s mobile-cloud connected platform to enhance people’s health, safety, quality of life, and independent living has always been our business goal,” said Joe Liu, CEO of Home8care. “We made Home8care so comprehensive and affordable, leading the world by offering both indoor and outdoor collaborative alarm service under one single plan to ensure our elders’ utmost peace of mind.”