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Allterco Introduces Shelly Plus Smart Home Line

The Plus line of products feature ultra-fast processor and enhanced safety features.

Allterco, makers of the Shelly line of products, has introduced Shelly Plus Line, the next generation of Shelly devices. Featuring an ultra-fast processor ESP32 and quicker connectivity via Bluetooth technology, in addition to the proven Wi-Fi connection, the new line builds upon the brand’s integration capabilities and offers enhanced safety features.

Shelly Smart Home

Shelly Plus 1 is designed to improve the home automation experience and enhance lighting control; Shelly Plus 1PM offers elevated control for electrical appliances with precise power metering. Key features for both smart relays include:

  • Quicker connectivity — With the addition of Bluetooth, customers can now quickly and easily add Shelly devices to their home automation account.
  • Improved device shell — The Plus line features a significantly improved shell with small dimensions, enabling Shelly relays to easily fit behind any wall switch or socket. The wiring diagram is printed on the devices’ shell to ensure safe and easy installation.
  • Emphasis on safety and security — The Plus line Includes a temperature sensing software to prevent failures and overheating risks. Devices’ firmware now supports more encryption modes and offers secure storage. Shelly 1PM is equipped with overpower and overvoltage protection.
  • Revamped API — New API interface with standardized RPC allows for a wide-range of cloud-connected and local integrations, ensuring a lower cost for implementation.
  • No hub required – All Shelly Plus line devices can be controlled directly without a hub through the Shelly Cloud App. Users can also easily integrate them with most popular third-party home automation platforms and voice assistants, as well as combine them with other smart devices already installed in the home.

With these new capabilities, Shelly Plus smart relays ensure customers can:

  • Monitor and manage power consumption: Featuring precise power readers, customers can monitor and analyze the power consumption of electrical appliances via the Shelly Plus 1PM. The ability to measure each channel separately helps avoid overconsumption with a preset limit and notifies the user or switches off the device.
  • Automate and control any electrical appliance: Perfect for kitchen appliances and domestic monitoring systems, the Shelly Plus smart relays can automate any electrical appliance and enable users to control it remotely.
  • Easily set “smart” scenes: By combining Shelly with other devices in the home network, consumers can manage everything from heating appliances to lighting, garage doors to irrigation systems. Customers can activate custom scenes based on hour, light, or specific occurrences set to the consumer’s exact preferences.
  • Custom scripting: Shelly Plus devices’ custom scripting functionalities allow developers to create personal scripts based on light, hour, weather or various occurrences, and make them accessible to all users on the feature store, providing endless customization opportunities.

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