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JBL LS Series Loudspeakers

At CEDIA 2008, JBL Inc. has introduced its LS Series, a lineup of high-end loudspeakers that utilize state-of-the-art engineering, technologies and materials to deliver extraordinary sound quality. The series models have an elegant, refined appearance, and are exceptionally crafted in a high-gloss finish.

The LS Series includes four models: a compact bookshelf loudspeaker (LS40); two floorstanding tower speakers (LS60, LS80); and a dedicated center channel loudspeaker (LS CENTER). Suggested retail prices for LS Series loudspeakers range from $1,998 to $3,998 per pair.

LS Series loudspeakers combine technologically advanced compression drivers with dynamic drivers to achieve the best sonic qualities of both the wide dynamic range, exceptional transient response and transparency of compression drivers, and the articulation and presence provided by the finest dynamic drivers.

The loudspeakers all feature a 176ND high-frequency compression driver with a 2-inch pure-titanium diaphragm to deliver extraordinary clarity and resolution. The 176ND driver operates in conjunction with a Bi-Radial horn that is shaped to provide optimum dispersion in the horizontal and vertical planes, for a smooth, neutral frequency response both on- and off-axis.

The JBL LS Series 015M ultrahigh-frequency driver is a 3/4-inch ring-radiator design that incorporates a low-mass diaphragm for maximum sonic purity, and delivers frequency extension to beyond 40kHz. The 015M is mounted in an Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide to provide accurate imaging and create an immersive stereo or multichannel listening environment.

All LS Series woofers utilize proprietary PolyPlas polymer-coated-cellulose-fiber cone material for articulate and powerful bass. The LS80 employs a unique 3-1/2-way crossover network that allows the woofers to operate in different frequency ranges, a configuration that provides a smoother transition of directivity between all drivers, for a more balanced sound across a wider listening area.

LS Series loudspeakers are constructed from the finest materials and internal components. They are distinctively elegant in appearance, with curved contours and side panels that are tapered from the front to the back. JBL LS Series loudspeakers will be available in a high-gloss stained wood finish.