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Linear Launches BluePass Mobile Credentials Ecosystem

Nortek Security & Control (NSC) has announced it is now shipping the new Linear BluePass, a credential management ecosystem that combines smart device-based electronic credentials with the BluePass mobile credential management cloud and a multi-technology Bluetooth/125 kHz Proximity reader to make credentials more secure, easier to use, and easier to distribute than ever before.

The BluePass ecosystem begins with NSC’s patent-pending Credential-To-Go cards, representing a physical token that acts like a one-time-use mobile credential credit card. Each Credential-to-Go card unlocks between 5 and 100 mobile credentials in a dealer’s BluePass cloud account. Dealers no longer need to wait up to three days for an OEM to activate credentials as with competitive systems. Using the BluePass Cloud Service, dealers and admins can quickly assign the credentials to users, who use it to activate the BluePass app on their smartphone. Once activated, the app communicates with the BluePass Multi-Tech Reader installed at the point of entry.

To simplify transitions from legacy card or fob systems, the BluePass Multi-Tech Reader is compatible with popular 26 to 37-bit 125 kHz cards and fobs. It mounts easily in both single-gang and mullion-mount configurations.

Benefits of Linear BluePass, according to the company, include:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for building owners by providing for a lower cost of deployment, as an invitation is sent to the end-users’ e-mail to download the app and their credentials, saving shipping costs, handling and time compared to physical cards/fobs.
  • BluePass enables faster credential additions, changes, and revocations. Dealers can manage their customers’ credentials or delegate authority to specific customers who wish to manage and issue their own purchased credentials.
  • End-users also benefit with an entirely new level of convenience. Their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone becomes a credential for their existing access control system. There is no need to carry a fob or card, no more worries about misplaced or lost fobs or cards.

The Linear BluePass Reader and Credentials-to-Go cards are shipping now, available from Nortek Security & Control and through its distribution partners.

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