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Luxul Completes KRACK Firmware Updates

Security Patches to the Company’s Wireless Routers and Access Points are Meant to Fix the Well-Known Wi-Fi Vulnerability

Luxul’s KRACK firmware updates are now complete and available for its lineup of wireless routers and access points. Security patches that fix this Wi-Fi vulnerability on the following products can be found under Firmware Updates on the company’s website.

Wireless routers: XWR-3100, XWR-1200, XWR-1750

Wireless access points: XAP-1510, XAP-1410, XAP-310, XAP-1240, XAP-1500, XAP-1210, XAP-1230, XAP-810, XAP-1440, XWO-BAP1

KRACK is essentially a weakness in the WPA2 system, which secures the Wi-Fi connection between a router and a computer. KRACK enables attackers to eavesdrop on unencrypted traffic or slip malware into otherwise legitimate websites when the WPA2 system breaks down. For an attack to happen, however, the attacker would have to physically be within Wi-Fi range to carry it out. Even though nearly every device that uses Wi-Fi is vulnerable, an attack would require a lot of preparation and be targeted very specifically, dramatically reducing the risk for an average person to be affected.

Upon hearing about this vulnerability in early October, Luxul’s engineering team held meetings to determine a plan of action and quickly developed a solution to protect its customers. An elite team of Luxul engineers worked on all security patches keeping its dealers informed of all progress.

“Our customers’ security is our top priority because we know how much today’s consumer relies on the internet,” said Kirk Goodwin, director of customer support, Luxul. “Luxul’s speedy response to this bug is a testament to our dedication to provide our customers with the best service.”