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Pangea Audio Introduces New Speaker Stands; Ethernet Cables

All-steel speaker stands offer stability, Ethernet cables designed for audiophile-grade streaming.

Pangea Audio will soon ship the new DS100 all-steel speaker stand series, which emulates the clean aesthetic of Pangea’s DS400 stand, with a single post design that supports even the heaviest currently available speakers.

DS100 stands are available in 20-, 24-, 28-, 32-, and 36-inch sizes, all priced at $129.95 MSRP. The DS100 includes two 22mm holes in the support pier for hidden cable routing. Heavy duty, large-diameter solid metal bolts couple the column to the base. Additionally, the central rectangular support pier can be filled with sand or steel shot for enhanced stability, by putting the included plugs into the cable routing holes.

In addition to shipping the new DS100 stands, Pangea Audio Distributing now offers a new larger top plate for both the DS100 and LS300 stands. The optional top plate, which measures 6 x 9 inches and is available for $29.95/pair MSRP, provides a stable platform for larger speakers.

Pangea Audio will also soon ship two new Ethernet cables designed specifically for high-fidelity audio applications. Scheduled to ship this month, Pangea’s Premier Ethernet and Premier SE Ethernet cables elevate system performance with audiophile-grade ingredients to maximize the sonic attributes of wired network components.

The Premier SE Ethernet cable (SRP: $49.95/1 meter) was designed by Jay Victor for the current crop of audiophile-grade streaming audio and video systems. Premier SE Ethernet features industry-standard 26 AWG Cardas Grade One Copper conductors that are plated with a pure silver coating. Low-loss PE insulation and triple shielding add up to maximum resistance to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI, respectively.)

Like Premier SE, Pangea Premier Ethernet Cables (SRP: $29.95/1 meter) feature superior materials, including 26awg silver-plated copper conductors, low-loss PE insulation, and triple-shielding for maximum resistance to EMI and RFI.

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